A Woman, A Bottle, And A Dinosaur

A Woman, A Bottle, And A Dinosaur. From the current scraps of an old sketchbook, we've been using the pages to communicate all week.

It was Saturday night, and we were out at a Dutch bar in the middle of Soho with Emel, Deniz's mother who was visiting London from Amsterdam. I drew a picture of Emel because she had drawn a rather nice picture of me the night before. Plus, she absolutely insisted. Luckily, I didn't feel put on the spot at all...

Meral, Deniz, and Emel all speak Turkish. I don't. So, the pad was a nice way to share thoughts. And, I honestly forget half the things I hear, so it's nice to have random bits of conversation strewn about in an unbound tome of juxtaposed thoughts.

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