Two Bottles (Red and Yellow)

Two Bottles (Red and Yellow). One advantage of giving drawing lessons: You can steal from your students. In this case, I took a drawing (not mine) of two bottles and fast-forwarded several iterations toward a more refined sense of ideal form.

My Green Summer Sketchbook

My Green Summer Sketchbook. You'll notice my new sunglasses. I collect sunglasses.
There's also a cd containing all digital files related to the G.E.T. book project: Manga-inspired cartoon versions of myself enacting adventures experienced last year. Almost ready.
That's me with a flower mustache. Quite hairy and inspired. Photo: Art Ver

Sketch for Gabriela on the Couch with Pillows

Sketch for Gabriela on the Couch with Pillows. Oil. A painting. Black and white. A sketch for this painting.

Gabriela. On the couch with pillows. But this is the sketch. The real painting isn't finished yet. We just finished the sketch tonight. It's nice.
I'm allowed to say nice about this painting. I'm the artist.
It says so, right here:
Sometimes "nice" is the right choice, no matter what they say.

Two Chairs in Camden

Two Chairs in Camden.

January, 2008. Warm by the fire at The World's End. Pen on Paper. A drawing of two chairs. From the Warm Blanket sketchbook.

Painting Gabriela on the Couch with Pillows

Painting Gabriela on the Couch with Pillows.

Video. Look closely, and you can see the black and white sketch (in oil) leaning against the wall.

Ewelina in a Chair

Ewelina in a Chair.

Black and white pencil drawing on paper. Oxford Street. June, 2008.



Watercolour and pencil on paper. June, 2008. Hendon.

After sharpening all of my pencils, we tried three diferent poses. This last pose included lots of circles, implied shapes, and pillows. At the time (two and a half weeks ago), we had decided that this watercoulour of Gabriela on the couch with some pillows would be the painting pose. Of course, that decision never came true and was overridden by the future.

There's a Heart on My Finger

There's a Heart on My Finger. I think that it's a sign.
I accidentally pinched my finger last week. Somehow, a heart appeared within 24 hours.
Now there's a heart on my finger and I don't know what to do about it.

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