A London Phone Booth

A London Phone Booth. From January, 2008. One of the first drawings from my Warm Blanket sketchbook. I was doing loads of drawings in red pen... like Two Chairs in the Camden.... call it a glow from the fire...

I'm still in Sweden.

Women Watering Plants

Women Watering Plants. A women watering plants. North London, late-July, 2008.

I'm in Sweden right now.

Ewelina In Islington

Ewelina in Islington. The first drawing from our sessions. Black and White. Pencil on Watercolour paper. The Kings Head in Islington. June 4th, 2008.

I'm going to Sweden tomorrow.

Putting the Pieces Together

Putting the Pieces Together. Meg is amazing! I came home tonight and found a box sitting on the shelf in my anteroom. Postmark: America.
Not knowing what to expect, I carefully ran a slice around the perimeter of the box lid. Meg had taped everything together rather carefully.
Hmm. A puzzle. I knew exactly what to do.

To read the letter, I had to put the pieces of my puzzle together.... so I did.

I love getting packages, and my favourite packages contain interactive art...

Interactive puzzle art via post. Never have I received such a package, such a letter, such an experience. A little adventure, sent to be had at my leisure...

Thank you, Meg :)

Sketch for Biba II

Sketch for Biba II. Another sketch in oil from the same night.

Next week we'll start on the formal painting.

I wonder what that will look like?

Sketch for Biba I

Sketch for Biba I. It's been a long time since I've painted a painting with a pallette knife...

And, when I'm not drawing Teddy Bears, I'm painting and drawing women I don't know.

This is a quick sketch in oil for Biba, from last night: Thursday, October 16th, 2008. We're trying to work out the right composition for her formal pose.

Discrete Drawing: Architecture

Discrete Drawing: Architecture. Lesson #5: Architectural Studies Beneath Blackfriars Bridge.
It's easy to see the discrete, line-based marks within the images printed onto these tiles.
Also, what better way to further your studies than to take a field trip?
So, we went drawing under the bridge. But the music was too loud. Nothing like an accordian in your ear to distract from learning...

Five Sketches of One Nude

Five Sketches of One Nude. From the Long Dark sketchbook, sometime in January or February 2007. I like the way all five drawings exist on parallel planes within the same page.

Ewelina Has Many Faces

Ewelina Has Many Faces. September 27. 2008. We were going through my briefcase.

Ewelina was wondering why I carry so many sunglasses. So I explained how each pair carries a different personality. Which is when our conversation began to focus on image and projecting a certain character.
Which is when Ewelina admitted to having many faces.
Recently I've been fascinated with putting portraits and drawings together with thoughts... When I make this into a painting, I'm going to paint both panels and show them together. The portrait. and the context of our thoughts.

Sorph and Bobby at the Sunrise Festival

Sorph and Bobby at the Sunrise Festival. From the Sunshine sketchbook, June 2007.

Jeff Koons at the Met

Jeff Koons at the Met. The beginning of August, 2008. The roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York.
I like the way Jeff Koons makes a cartoon out of everything.
The Manhattan skyline certainly puts the commercialism in context.
I like the way he embeds our reflections in these sculptures, not just by his choice of subject matter.