A Shed and the Back of a House

A Shed and the Back of a House. I don't often paint an undercoat of yellow. In fact, I painted this undercoat ages ago. About a month, actually. That's when I started on this drawing of a shed and the back of my neighbor's house.
Here, you can see the actual back of a house, the house that was the subject of this pencil drawing, the house that is currently the subject of an as-yet-unfinished oil painting.
The problem: Paintings started on a sunny day don't tend to get finished. There's just too much competition.

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Pencils are People Too.

Pencils are People Too. I did not, in fact, neurotically sharpen seven pencils in a quick succession. I did however sharpen seven pencils in a quick succession. To prepare for some preparatory drawings of Gabriela, I had to explain the benefits of a full range of ready-access graphite.

She listened intently. Then said, "I didn't know that."

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Maryte in the Park

Maryte in the Park.

Watercolour and pencil on paper. June, 2008. Angel.

We were in Angel park, except that it's not really called Angel Park. What I mean is that we were sitting in the park which is located close to the Angel tube station, the one with the war memorial. It was one of the first sunny days of the summer.

Girl on the Chair with Hand

Girl on the Chair with Hand. She's sitting on a wooden chair, with her right hand leaning across the top. This was a warm-up sketch with two pencils.

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Girl on Concrete Wall in White Dress and Black Jacket

Girl on Concrete Wall in White Dress and Black Jacket. We (Ewelina and I) were looking for the sun. Nothing good on the Southbank. So, we crossed over the Thames river. Passed Big Ben. Crossed the street. Settled in a little park across from Westminster Abbey.

Then, the sun found us. And it was nice. Until about 7pm.

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The Empty Chair

The Empty Chair. Camden. A coffee shop. An empty chair. Lucy. A watercolor sketch for a painting. Or, a watercolour sketch for a painting. Geometry of the form. The form in geometry.

As I was painting, a well-meaning woman came over and started asking me questions. About my watercolors. About my watercolours. About my pens. About my drawings. And it was a bit annoying. A bit rude. And she should have waited for me to take a break. Lucy was posing hard.

Note to people: it's better to not to disturb artists engaged in the act of creating. Wait until they take a break. Otherwise, you only get one word answers. Had she waited, I would have loved to talk. But,...

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Girl with Blue Necklaces

Girl with Blue Necklaces. The oil painting of Meral sitting on the couch. It's much easier to paint someone when you've done your homework:
A Cardboard Painting of a Woman
Meral, Discontent in Green Jacket at Brighton
Coffee and Complicated Thoughts in a Red Chair

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