Coffee and Complicated Thoughts in a Red Chair

Coffee and Complicated Thoughts in a Red Chair. Lesson #6: Composition and Shape.

Downstairs in a London coffee shop, the chairs were especially comfortable. Chain coffee or independent coffee, I don't really mind as long as there are comfortable chairs. Especially during the long London winter, coffee shops are some of my favorite places to draw.

This is a picture of me from last week, complete with my adventure pack. Pen in hand, I was drawing a quick sketch of Meral. At the same time, I was explaining the importance of shape (particularly implied shape) in composition.

Meral seemed to understand, but thought that the picture made her look fat. Which is when I began another rant on the beauty of shape in form.

In this case, I was particularly fond of the three-dimensionality of the drawing (and the shapes found within).

Sometimes it's better for me not to talk too much.

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