The Dream A Train Dreams When It's Dreaming of Itself

The Dream A Train Dreams When It's Dreaming of Itself.

Painted on the wall outside of Detroit Transit Railroad's studio (my rock band).

Trains seem to have such a self-inflated opinion of themselves.

But, don't we all dream in self-personification?

This is the entrance to DTR's studio.

A Studio Visit

A Studio Visit. I was home for the holidays.

Peyton was cool enough to invite me to visit her studio.

Here, you can see my shoe:

Me in the mirror:

Portrait of Sari

Portrait of Sari. From Japan, Sari traded me two books of pictures from famous Japanese

artists for this oil painting. One of them even opens backwards... really, really cool and well worth it. She also connected me with a Japanese Manga artist who's illustrating the G.E.T.'s adventures (my current hyper dimensional music project). Actually, Sari is doing all the translating because Calvet-san doesn't really speak English. Thanks again Sari!!!!!

Day I
Day II

the Studio and the Nothingness

The studio which sprouted from nothingness. I found it today, overgrown and under-utilized. A new space for new paintings:

This wall represents a different space:

These chairs, stools, and tables-to-be are former occupants of the aforementioned space:

Sari - Day II

Sari - Day II. DayII for a painting is usually my favorite day.


Sari. The first of three sittings...