Sculpture Inside of the Hirshorn

Sculpture Inside of the Hirshorn. One of my first drawings done over words. When an artist draws a picture, what is often missing in the rendering are his thoughts. There is the perception of the object, which is colored by the bouncing of thoughts and words... Then, there is the rendering of the object, which is the result of pen to paper. I like this series of drawings because it reveals another dimension... Because an object is seen as an effect of its' surrounding environment, to truly reveal the reality of the perception, isn't it necessary to include the contextual state of mind of the artist?

Girl, Reclining on Couch

Girl, Reclining on Couch. February, 2007. I was there in a pub off of Old St. with Nina, who has her own drawing of the same couch in this set of drawings... See if you can find it.

The Round Table

The Round Table. This painting no longer exists. I painted some weird nothingness on the bottom and then the nothingness consumed the all. So, I threw it out. Now, I think that I should have kept it...

Girl, Crouched on Couch

Girl, Crouched on Couch. Life drawing can be easy, life drawing can be hard... The determining factor is my mind. When I am distracted, thoughts of life infiltrate my drawings. They contaminate my forms, making it difficult to see... Bruce Lee said that he "becomes the Fight." When I become the act of drawing, my drawings reveal themselves to me. Rather than creating them, I am discovering them...

The Red Light District at Night

The Red Light District at Night. It was one of my last drawings from 2006, a day before the new year. I was laying in my bed, peaking out the window at 3am. Last night, I was having dinner with three Romanians. One is an air-traffic controller who lives in the Netherlands, and he was telling stories of the red light district...

It's funny how two people can see different views of the same thing.

Astronaught in a SpacePack Sees Jesus with Big Feet

Astronaught in a SpacePack Sees Jesus with Big Feet. A self-portrait. You decide the rest...

Girl with Scarf

Girl with Scarf. The green couch, a two-seater, was purchased for $10 and tied to the top of my silver 1992 Toyota Camry. Mike and I rolled down the windows, each grabbing hold of a different side so that I could drive down the cobbled streets of Shockoe Slip... We had just signed the lease for our first studio and had found the perfect couch, one that would be cool enough in its' mediocrity to appear in dozens of my paintings and drawings over the next eight years. I am particularly fond of the face in this picture, though I do recall being asked to change it several times...

A Scooter in Amsterdam

A Scooter in Amsterdam. Sitting in a cafe, watching people walk by... In front of me was a scooter, parked beside a canal... I drew this scooter while outside, having coffee. The canal had walls made of red brick.

Girl, Cross-Dimensional View

Girl, Cross-Dimensional View. I never can tell how someone will react when I draw them the way that comes naturally... Holly seemed to be really cool about it, which is nice. Personally, I would take it as a compliment if someone used me to springboard into more fundamental things... Anyway. There's nothing that brings out true personality than to show someone a picture that you've drawn of them.

Ocean Village at Dawn

Ocean Village at Dawn. A landscape, transformed by the new light of the sunrise... What is visible to the eye is just a small portion of existence. Reality is often just a product of perception.

Teapot with Particles

Teapot with Particles. Vibrations in space affect the real thing.

Sausages and Corn on a Grill

Sausages and Corn on a Grill. Drawn last Friday, I was at perhaps the coolest music festival on the planet. Luckily Sorph the Zen Dog was there... my plan was to live off of apples, oranges, and canned mackerel for four days. She had this really cool portable one-time-use-only grill, and was so cool as to offer to share her food with me. I really need to eat better...

A Still Life Model

A Still Life Model. She was nice to draw, the type of face that drew me from across the room. The title is a play on words, get it?

Legs (Self-Portrait)

Legs (Self-Portrait). Actually, my couch is purple. I'm surprised that it's me. I'm surprised that I like looking at my feet. What you can't read:

"I'm just really tired

But I'm not listening to me

(-insert drawing-)

But it's too late
it's too late to sleep
I've got to keep repeating myself
for no one to see"

It was 2am one night in November, 2006.

Roses are Pretty, Just Like You

Roses Are Pretty, Just Like You. Drawn in Amsterdam, I was thinking nice thoughts about people far away....

Vase with Three Apples

Vase with Three Apples. The first synthetic pixelization painting, completed at the end of my first semester of Painting instruction from Lucy Barber (visiting Williamsburg from New York for a year). Working from observation, I used simple geometry to define the forms: three apples, one white vase.