The People

The People. Inspired by a poem of the same name, by an author whose name is no longer with me. This painting was the first of my synthetic pixelization series and depicts two lovers on a sunny day.

A Vase With Three Flowers

A Vase With Three Flowers. An atari-like composition, I must admit... Superimposing a gigantic grid over the complex reality of a vase and three beautiful flowers, I still smile thinking of this painting. Now, it sits on a wall in an office, shining a cheerful light. beep. beep. and it was all according to a plan

Still Life wth Pan

Still Life with Pan. Well, I was researching the grid. It was an independent study, during which I began to develop certain ideas which have served as the fundamental basis for much of my artwork. In this painting, the plane is divided into four quadrants. Fascinated as I am with geometry, it seems that each object begins to allude to certain basic shapes.

Still Life with Guitar

Still Life with Guitar. A classic. One of my favorite paintings... no real ideas, just my guitar on a chair. Painted in the undergraduate painting studio at William & Mary in the Spring of 1999, I was taking an overload in credits so that I could continue my painting instruction while undergoing student teaching in mathematics. I'm particularly fascinated with the color of this oil painting.

Self Portrait, Grid-based

Self Portrait, Grid-based. Infatuated with the grid, with the thought that overt geometrical relationships could so readily expose themselves with direct observation, I sat down at my drawing table and began to look into a mirror. It was 2003, but I can't remember which season. I do remember, however, that I was well-seeped in my 'pixlizarion' phase... and, I also remember the desk upon which I was drawing. Used as a bargaining ship to secure the big room in our newly acquired three-bedroom on the Boulevard, I never really used it for more than storing scattered piles of paper. In fact, I can only remember doing three drawings on the table. Mostly, I just sit on the floor when I paint or draw, which makes things much more intimate...

Apples and Bananas

Apples and Bananas. Painted as one of my last still life paintings of 2006. I was sitting at a brown wooden table. It was a summer night, calm, and damp in silence...

This particular series incorporates pseudo-dynamic elements to invoke relative notions of our own ultimately geometric composition. The same series also alludes to the particle-based structure by which reality is composed. I'll tell you more about it if you ask nicely...

Girl on Couch (Isabel): Painting

Girl on Couch (Isabel): Painting. I changed palettes for this one. Not because I wanted to, but because the colors made sense, and perhaps because it is so similar to the color of the drawings that I've been working on for the past year. Finally, a good painting...

The drawing was nice too.

Again, July transformed me. I had no idea where I would land, and suspect that I have not yet landed...

Girl on Couch (Isabel): Drawing

Girl on Couch (Isabel): Drawing. The underpainting for my most recent picture. Finished last week, one of the few paintings I really like from my time in London. I've done loads of drawings that I find compelling, but my painting has seemed to be slow and tepid. July was the month that transformed me, where focus came in the form of inspiration that I have never known.

So, in August, I landed. And, while being homeless in Bishops Strotford, my drawings took on new life. I knew that I was ready to paint again, so I put an ad on the interenet: "Pose in Return for a Painting." Isabel answered, and came to sit three times in Hendon. This drawing is from the first session.