Ketchup and Hot Sauce on the South Bank

Ketchup and Hot Sauce on the South Bank. Lesson #3. We had to take another look at Man-made Objects, Meral and I, so we made our way to a rather bright pub on the South Bank of the Thames. We got to taste two guest ales, and decided to try one of each. We should have had a pint a bit earlier...

The lights were bright and direct, the bottles both filled with different hues of almost solid red. This lesson was the test. No questions, no directions, only drawing. I like talking to people at other tables when I'm drawing, it's nice to be able to focus on both.

Of course, I never use an eraser. So, neither should my drawing students. Which tends to frustrate people.... I think that I was teaching her to draw like me. Which is also a bit contentious...

Lesson #1: Flowers in St. Jame Park- Organic Forms
Lesson #2: Coffee on Regents Street- Man-made Objects
Lesson #3: Ketchup and Hot Sauce on the South Bank- Man-made Objects II

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