The Spiral Id at the Sunshine Celebration

The Spiral Id at the Sunshine Celebration. Actually, the Sunrise Festival. It was June, 2007. I was camping with Sorph and Bobby. The morning I left, I got up too early. With loads of time, I could finally draw. It was the beginning of the Sunshine. (in between the Necklace and the Lost Summer).

What I can't tell you is that Bobby had just won an award at the Sundance movie festival, that Sorph had written an article for my band, that we were strangers who agreed to meet on the field of a new spring. And I was still trying to shake the weirdo out of me. That there was one sunrise which was more than I had ever known:

"The yellow sun consumed and turned me pink as I floated into everything. Liquid light grew soft and warm across the horizon until one line became an ellipse of my vision. And when my vision could no longer exist, there was no green, only pink. Only energy.

In the overtones of the light I was everything, the primal life, the foundation. In my survive, there was no one, only my own eyes. And my palette changed into true color, depth in dancing transparency.

When form returned, we were clean. In the horizon, beyond the sky, beyond the return, there was no burn, only peace." - from Adventures in an Instant, a postlude to Sunshine

This was the drawing which led me to think of symbols, and the incorporation of an abstract symbolic language of primitives as a method of defining form.

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