Katerina in the Park

Katerina in the Park. Hampstead. July, 2008. A sunny day. We had an orange blanket which we used to push down the wildlife long enough to make some drawings.

Circles are my favourite shapes.

Notice the use of symbols to approximate form. This is my favourite drawing with Katerina.

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meg said...

Katerina is quite captivating ...her eyes look like windows ...there's a potential to see what is inside/read what she is thinking; whether the windows are open or closed is difficult to tell here. either way, they are very beautiful. her body appears to be like the weather--unpredictable but distinct ...in the photograph, her eyes seem quite willing but her body somewhat resistant ...in the drawing, her eyes are almost hidden but her body is nearly free. the comparison of the two seems rather vulnerable ...individually, however, she appears intrepid.

incredibly beautiful work, Justin ...and Katerina.