Two Tiles Forming a Decorative Arch (From Turkey)

Two Tiles Forming a Decorative Arch (From Turkey). At the Victoria and Albert museum in South Kensington, I went drawing today in the Islamic Middle East section. On Friday, I'm flying to Istanbul. Well, Zurich first. Then, Istanbul. Consequently, I have decided to start a new sketchbook, tentatively titled: Istanbul.

Islamic designs can have so much symmetry. Since I don't erase (even when drawing with a pencil), I was very conscious of maintaining a well-defined symmetric balance to this pair of Turkish tiles from the Anatola region of Turkey.

By the way, those portable museum drawing stools are not so comfortable.

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ATM Member said...

But do you hold bags? Those chairs leave you feeling like a real stool pigeon huh? Good work with the painting and such. To Constantinople via Zurich huh? Check out The Residents' Constantinople.