Murals for St. Christopher's Inn (Part I)

Murals for St. Christopher's Inn (Part I). I spent all day yesterday (Saturday) getting a feel for the room and the people who come to stay in the London Bridge hostel. These drawings are loosely to scale... My thought is to produce some kind of serial, a story told in a succession of frames, a love story without the sappiness.
It's really important to me not to make the room too sterile. Although, part of me really wants to make huge drawings of a Hypodermic needle on the big wall by the door, a Scalpel on top of the bed, and a bunch of drawings of Gauze and Band-Aids on the big wall by the bed. I think it's the lighting in the now empty room...

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Skanky Jane said...

Love the first and second drawing in this set! Been dropping in on the blogs of Art Blog Review Group Members tonight. You have a great blog! It's been fun going around - there is so much talent and variety in our group - great to see that growing. I have never visited your blog before - so glad I did tonight - will drop by again soon!

SJ xx