Hirshorn Sculpture Garden, Henry Moore

Hirshorn Sculpture Garden, Henry Moore. I really like looking at sculpture that is kept outside; nature is the perfect context for contemplating ideas. I had written the words on some other day, but the page seemed right and ready for something else. A reclining woman in bronze, by Henry Moore, this sculpture possessed a poetic simplicity that was hard to resist. It was July, 2006, and the backdrop of green foliage and trees contrasted well with the immutable brown palette of the bronze. If you're interested, this sculpture is in the Hirshorn Sculpture Garden, one of the museums along the mall in Washington D.C.

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Lou Gold said...

I ran across your blog while researching Henry Moore on the web. Sounds like I feel much as you do about his art -- best outside, for sure.

I’m retired in Brazil and endlessly fascinated by his works. Brazil was very fortunate to receive an exhibition of his art. Here is my post about it:


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Lou Gold